Minggu, 06 September 2009


Name    : Eko Junaidi Salam
Address    : Perum Tlanakan Indah
School    : ITS Surabaya '08
Interests    : Reading book, sports, Playing Computer, etc.
Country    : Pamekasan
Age    : 19
Hobbies    : Make program, Build Computer, Network, etc.

I currently lecture in the Faculty of Industrial Technology Department of Electrical ITS Surabaya. Here I have undergone the third semester at ITS Surabaya. Well, that's ITS, Campus of Struggle, campus that's really needed a hard struggle to survive amid the bustle lectures and organizations.

I am an ordinary man, who wants to share Sciences as the words on the wall of my blog "Science is a entrusted goods divine ... not forever we have, but still must we looking for ..."

But until now Alhamdulillah I am still able to face all the difficulties at this time, I tried to start active in writing, especially on this blog. So if possible I will provide information about campus organizations and activities that I follow this blog along the rails.
Hopefully this blog can be beneficial to my readers and friends later .... Amin ...